General Labour

This job normally involves working in a shop, warehouse, dock, field, or similar environment, either doing a specific job or filling in where needed. Duties includes, workers to wear (steel-toe work) safety boots and other protective garments. Workers should be able to follow instructions, be physically fit, be able to lift 10, 25, or 50 pounds, and work on their feet during most of the shift.
Workers usually report to a foreman or supervisor.

Duties will vary company to company and may include activities such as cleaning, sweeping mopping, assembling, lifting, moving, and offering general assistance. Some workers may advance to supervisory positions, be trained on a wide range of equipment, and move on to other positions as they acquire training and experience.

Most of these positions require a high school education or less. Some positions may require forklift or driving training or experience.

Some companies may require experience in general labour, familiarity with industry-specific tools, experience driving a forklift or in performing a specific task.

Skills and Certifications:
Companies prefer workers with proper commercial drivers’ licenses or other certifications.